1. Seymour Justice - St. Loser Misery
2. sole - Pawn in the Game Pt. 2
3. Garden Plot Jackals - Justice Just Us Just iS
4. Crimekillz - Girls in Black (Passage Remix)
5. Barely Free - ALLBLAQ!
6. Major Lazer - Get Free Indie Games
7. Liz Hodson - Ain’t No Sunshine
8. Life Like - Society Needs Me
9. Britches - Im a Self-Absorbed Cliche
10. Laika - Randy
11. Swells Denver - 42012
12. No High Fives to Bullshit - Orphan/\Ageless
13. Living Alone - Central Texas
14. RVIVR - Seethin
15. Remedios - Waves
16. 13&God - It’s Own Sun (Antonionian Remix)
17. Woodgraves - Life In Wichita
18. The Taxpayers - Louisiana Hot Sauce Rainy Nights
19. WHY? - Into the Shadows of My Embrace
20. Dark Dark Dark - Junk Bones Odd Nosdam Remix

Living Alone - Living Alone (EP)

Imagine Pete & Pete playing Punk, eating Pizzas. Doesn’t that feel great? Colorado natives Living Alone play fun music that’s intelligent but never snobby. Matt, Max, Dan and Dan all scream over sweet riffs, mixed pristine by Denver’s Joey Hidalgo.

Burning the Cassette #51 from March 10, 2014.

Dedicated to Mammoth Lakes High School Senior Class 2014

Burning the Cassette #50!

  1. Living Alone - Weathered
  2. Foxing - Friendly Homes
  3. Little Big Bangs - Phone Call/Secret Song
  4. No High Fives to Bullshit! - Colt .45
  5. Rip Rap - Springtime
  6. Boreal Hills - Ripped Jeans
  7. RVIVR - Resilient Bastard
  8. Gnarwhal - Gerald
  9. Spelling Bee - Tectonic Breath
  10. Alta - Sorting Rooms
  11. SWELLS - Synesthetic
  12. Ice Hockey - East Lansing
  13. Anodes - Fall and Rise
  14. Enta - Words Full of Mouth
  15. Adult Fur - Far Away Eyes
  16. Reclamation - Blackbird
  17. Reanimator - Contemplate 1
  18. Reanimator - Contemplate 2
  19. Reanimator - Check One Two
  20. Person X - Abandonment Issues


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Seymour Justice Charlie Delta & Gary - Universal Empowerment
Dirty Hum - Egg, The Kitchen
Short Hop - Right On, Jux13, WZA You Play Too Much, My Foolish Heart
Reclamation Arts - Blue Green and Gold, Take Care of You
Franco-Hill - Pennyworth
Wynstyn Smyth - Symbols
Brothers Lazaroff - Mind of Men
Theodore - All i Ask
Daycare - I Contradict Myself
Comfort - Avalon
Life Like - Wild Oats
Old Mountains - Only Straight Edge Kids Go to Space
Wino Willy - Shorts (Whole Album)

BTC48 Brother Visit
Foxing - Bit By A Dead Bee Pts. 1 & 2
Family Might - Sharkweek
Anodes - Allein
In Defence - 80’s Dance Parties
Joan of Arc - 80’s Dance Parties Most of All
The little big bangs - Petstore
Lankford - Stack ‘Em Up Next to Shaq
Comfort - The Ocean
Airglow - Portal
No High Fives to Bullshit - Grateful Queen
Jack Grelle - Simple Needs
Dubb Nubb - Gin Soaked Grrl
The Hobosexuals - Bottle of Gin
Qwel & Maker - Gin River
Short Hop WZA #7 - Success iS Continuing
Dirty Hum - Apple Turnover
Irvyn Meaga - So it Goes
Seymour Justice and Gary & Charlie Delta - Dimension Walk
Seymour & Rooster & Gary - Firewalker

BTC47 Playlist

  1. Spaide Ripper - Like Always
  2. Nelly x Murphy Lee x Consequence - Rap City’s The Booth
  3. Chingy - One Call Away
  4. Nelly - Ride Wit Me
  5. Rooster - Two Track Mind (NoCanDo Cover)
  6. Huey - Pop, Lock and Drop It
  7. Ebony Eyez - In Ya Face
  8. Sylk Smoov - Trick Wit a Good Rap
  9. Jibbs - Chain Hang Low
  10. Xtra-C - So Heavy
  11. Short Hop WZA #7 - Segment Green
  12. Prince Ea - Bars From Sumer
  13. Huey - Nobody Loves the Hood
  14. Murphy Lee - Rap City Freestyle
  15. Short Hop WZA #7 - You and I
  16. Irvyn Meaga - I Still Love You
  17. Dirty Hum - Perfection!

BTC46 going live around 11:40 stl time til 1PM:
Abnormal ft. JayLotus - Chuuuch BUMP
Loose Screwz/Dave Stone - Jazz on Jupiter
B Durazzo - Street Lights
Franco-Hill - Goin Up Creek
Future - Sh!t
DJ Deep Breathely - Stars Align
Octopus Jones - Dentures
Wino WIlly - When I Watch You Move
Ra Cailum - Sakuya
Bruiser Queen - Foolish Heart
Burrowss - Don’t Take it Slow
Foxing - The Medic
Hooten Hallers - G L O R I A
Bookmobile - HomeSickHome
The Great White North - They Lowered Their Heads/As the Lowlands Met the Flood
Jack Grelle and the Johnson Family- 4 Doors
Caveofswords/Adult Fur - Ghryme

1 note

BTC45 KSLU WEEK featuring Farfetched Records

  1. Whiteout - Stay At Home Daddy
  2. Wino Willy - The God Given Gift
  3. Black James - Creepin N Peepin
  4. Abnormal - FastISH
  5. DJ Reminisce and Nodzilla - Rawness
  6. Regi C - Paranoia
  7. DJ Deep Breathely & his Rikshaw - Five Senses
  8. Short Hop - How’s the Weather Up There?
  9. J’Demul - Letter to Home
  10. Reclamation - Urban Renewal
  11. Ra Cailum - Rooftops
  12. Franco-Hill - Patrol
  13. Seymour Justice ft. Charlie Delta & Gary - Dimension Walk
  14. Wino Willy - Ael
  15. Arshad Goods - Appetizer for Thoughts
  16. The ContraVerse - Real Rill (Sleigh Bells Remix)
  17. 18&Counting and Scrub - Shoppers
  18. Barely Free - Springtime Dub
  19. B. Durazzo - Passing Time
  20. Scrub - Grind
  21. Proletarian - Sunrise Over Photovoltaic Algae
  22. Sanguinite - Dreamscape
  23. Elementone17 - Lunar Plains

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BTC 44 Playlist:
1. CHatterbox and the Latterday Satanists
2. Octopus Jones - Commissary
3. Little Dragon - Crystal Film
4. Franco-Hill- Crimson Flame
5. Phantogram - When I’m Small
6. SHort Hop - Euclid Street
7. Jack Grelle & the Johnson Family - Hooked on Yr Lovin
8. The little big bangs - Petstore
9. Foxing - Bit By a Dead Bee Pt. 1
10. Boreal Hills - Pretty Darlin
11. Alta - Dakota
12. Family Might - In The Dirt
13. Living Alone - I’m Not Dying (World Premiere)
14. Lobby Boxer - These is Fightin Words
15. Pokey Lafarge and the South City 3 - Claude Jones
16. Dubb Nubb - PitterPat
17. Marissa - I Prefer Wine
18. Dock Ellis Band - Miles and Miles
19. Media Ghost - Slot in the Show
20. Britches - Dream Song
21. Ou Où - Kanya

13 Rooster-Approved St. Louis Music Things of 2013

2013 saw the start of our show, Burning The Cassette. In honor of the year gone by, and with a keen eye for what might come in 2014, we descend from 13 all the way down to #1 on a list that has no real parameters other than “St. Louis” “Music” and “Rooster-Approved”:

13. Local Press actually covered the Local Scene a little bit. Actually, quite enough for my taste. As Local Music Hipster, i was able to look up most shows that were happening and felt the RFT, Eleven Magazine and KDHX all took major steps in connecting with the music scenes they cover. Burning the Cassette looks forward to even more improvement from the Local Press in 2014, as many National Acts continue to mistakenly skip over their diehard fans here in St. Louis.

12. Shovels and Rope visited Off Broadway and blew everyone’s pants off. Luckily, i was wearing shorts and tights. if you haven’t seen or heard this dynamic, romantic duo, check out that link or just go see them again when they rock Off Broadway as headliners on February 25, 2014. Yes, i weaseled my way in to their sold out show last time, and yes i plan on doing the same in the new year.

11. St. Louis-based hip-hop producers stepped it up. Abnormal, Black James, DJ Reminisce and Nodzilla, Indian Bones Collective, Franco Hill, HENDRIX, MME, Nature Boy, Wino Willy and Parisian all posted their best works to date, while they and many others made it known that St. Louis Hip-Hop no longer has much to do with Chingy, J-Kwon and Nelly, except for Country Grammar, which is still a great fucking record. And oh yeah, while we’re here, i always actually thought Murphy Lee was a good rapper.

10. Eclectic shows remained en vogue. From InFest to LouFest, St. Louis’ best impressions of weird joined it’s most seasoned players on multiple shows in 2013. What’s that? Foxing (emo), Dots Not Feathers (Indie Pop), Bear Hive (Indie Rock) and Parisian (Hip-Hop/Electronica) are playing a show together? Oh, Eric Hall (Synth) is headlining with Union Electric (Americana) and HUMDRUM (Indie) on a bill that also feautres WHSKY GNGR (Solo Ukestress), Franco-Hill and Dream Fox (Dance)? Kentucky Knife Fight is doing a Video Release Show? Count me in! I think.

9a. Conversely, really fucking sweet bands played to 8 people in a basement, again. And again. And again. Some shows just don’t entice a high volume of people. Some shows compete with each other, probably by total accident, since a lot of bands & scenes don’t cross-pollinate often in this town. I witnessed this at venues that need no more shit talked about them, as well as respected places that usually draw a nice crowd. I saw side projects i’ll never see again and headliners i wish you could’ve seen with me, because i doubt you were there. Mostly because i’m a hipster. Partly because our scene is not united, although that’s what every artist wants.

9b. St. Louis Venues continued to exploit the free labor of musicians, while musicians continued to comply with this tragic state of affairs. Come on venues, you’ll pay that indie band who’s not even popular $1000, but the local bands who draw in all the people at the show get 10 times less? Everyone involved should be ashamed. I’m on a mission to empower musicians in 2014 with some simple advice: if you want change, demand it. Ask for what you know you’re worth and deliver on what you say. Or do it for free because it’s what you love, but i’m tired of this bullshit middleground. Rant Over.

8. The Columbia Scene is blowin up! Jack Grelle and the Johnson Family and Dubb Nubb got in on some Daytrotter Session action (a la Pokey Lafarge and Theodore in the near past) while The Hooten Hallers played their footstompin Welp-N-Roll all across these divided states. Rip Rap reverbed me to a cloud somewhere off the coast of Kauai and Gran Mal pushed a heavy Anarcho-BlackMetal record called 2 while Boreal Hills won over the hearts of KSLUers and Missourians alike, and word is, they’ll have a Daytrotter Sesh of their own soon! Go CoMo, Go!


7. KDHX made their move to Grand Center. This mostly resulted in a lot of lead-up as far as 2013 was concerned, but with such a huge move (and upgrade, i hear on the streets), this was sure to be a process and seems sure to change the way St. Louis Music is consumed. Move over, Clear Channel, the Semi-Independent figured out their way into the market with good ole fashioned ingenuity. A venue, a cafe, new shows and state-of-the-art equipment are only a few of the things to look out for at KDHX in 2014, so stay involved. And cheers to many joint future endeavors between KSLU & KDHX, welcome to the neighborhood!

6. Pokey LaFarge once again became directly relevant to the St. Louis Music Scene. From signing with Jack White’s label Third Man Records to release his Self-Titled debut LP, to doing St. Louis right with proper release shows, signings and secret shows, Pokey won my heart back in 2013. He also got on Letterman and toured Europe. Not bad for somebody who likes to claim St. Louis as his #1 home.

5. More Folkin Country Music! From Jack Grelle and the Johnson Family to Hooten Hallers, Dock Ellis Band to Dubb Nubb, Hobosexuals to Rum Drum Ramblers, and that pesky Pokey, St. Louis and Missouri are killin the Folk Game right now. I know some of the punk rockers and hip-hoppers don’t care for it, but Folk’s legit, and it’s here to stay.

4. National Acts did trickle in a little more this year. While Big Boi did cancel his involvement in a show due to worries about attendance, for the most part great bands from all genres visited St. Lou this past year. Patti Smith, Mobb Deep, Shabazz Palaces and DJ Shadow all came. Animal Collective, Built to Spill, No Age and Neutral Milk Hotel all played shows here. LouFest had some people play. Cool. Good for us. Oh yeah, Killer Mike and El-P was a great show. Thanks to everyone who did show us love this year.

3. Little Big Bangs released their self-titled LP. And it rocked the eff out from the time they released it around the corner at Plush. The gang also hit the road for tour and kept up to their usual bringing of the motherfuckin ruckus to a few local shows a month for the most part. And none of them even got arrested! STL’s favorite anarcho-stepchildren are doing big things in 2014 too, with a vinyl pressing of Little Big Bangs as well as Tape Splits with Brother Gruesome, Barely Free and Rip Rap on local label Eat Tapes.

2. Foxing became the best band in St. Louis. 2013’s 7-inch Ocelot and LP Albatross were quite possibly the best single and LP, respectively that were released by a St. Louis band this year. Two hugely successful release shows were followed quickly (and smartly) with midwest tours, and they even snuck in a Daytrotter Session before year’s end. Their version of Orchestral Emo is a truly unique experience on record and live, and is worth a listen whether or not you like what that means.

1. Best of all, me and my buds had a great freakin time playin music in and from this city, this year. People and bands came and went, but music was constantly being thought up and made by individuals and groups who feed off their creative urges. Our scene is not perfect, i don’t even know if it’s a scene, but St. Louis Music shined locally and eleswhere in 2013, and i will remember it fondly!

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