Intro - Atmosphere’s Southsiders

1. Family Might - Nothing Matters, Smile

2. Stonechat - Pardon the Inner Eruption

3. Enta - ‘78 

4. Foxing - Gold Cobra

5. Mid-Nineties - Loss of Control

6. Laika - Keith

7. Alta - Merry New Year

8. Chase Ambler - Summer Bummer

9. Smallhouse - What’s in Kansas?

10. Boreal Hills - Dads

11. Sleep State - A Receipt for Your Integrity

12. Gran Mal - The Good Book is Bad Policy

13. Little Big Bangs - Head Down

14. Living Alone - Open the Pyramid

15. Brother Gruesome - Tumor Town

Chase Ambler

Chase Ambler is a pop punk band from Denver, Colorado.
Has their music for free. Go put it on. Turn the record or pandora down, and put on the music of summer. I’m typing this on my phone in between sets at the show they just opened at Mutiny Cafe for Living Alone and Rational Anthem, not for my personal gain, but more as an urgent message that you need to hear this. The guitar/bass brother combo shreds pedestrian chords to oblivion as drums pound hard and fast, all in sloppy youth unison for wonderful gasps of fresh air. This pop punk has a little math, but more so Space. Songs are blasts of high pitched screaming to moving bass lines and guitar tone that needs less effects than volume.
Summer Bummer is a favorite track if you’re in a hurry, the recording a high pass mix available on tape and the aforementioned bandcamp. This band will visit the Midwest and beyond as time goes on, and I’m happy to have seen the early days.

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Temporary Summer Break

Hey All, Rooster is moving to Denver! But don’t worry your Local Hearts because I will continue to broadcast Burning the Cassette from the great state of Colorado! In addition to our continual coverage of all the talent in St. Louis, i will be adding coverage of the goings on in Colorado as well. I would like to thanks KSLU, particularly Kyler for getting back to me and teaching me the board so I could focus on producing the best show possible. Continue to submit music to me for whatever your hearts desire and take care of your damned self!

Window Shopper, May 28 2014

Window Shopper, May 28 2014

You can catch me in my new kicks actin half Jewstupid wit one of my two tattooists… #iRap #kicks

You can catch me in my new kicks actin half Jewstupid wit one of my two tattooists… #iRap #kicks

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1. Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson - Delicate Cycle
2. Shabazz Palaces - Blastit
3. DJ Deep Breathely and Jared - ReJared ReLoop
4. Aloe Blacc & Wu-Tang - I Need A Dollar
5. Mastermind Einstein - PWOAU
6. Black Bruce Wayne - Freedom
7. Person X - Ghost Riders in The Sky
8. Black Bruce Wayne (Jeff Hill) - Freedom
9. Theresa Payne - Bye Fear
10. Qwel - Where I Go There I Go
11. Chase Ambler - No One Cares
12. Stonechat - Song Of Endless Summer
13. Sunyatta McDermott and Loose Screwz - To Love a Militant
14. Grimes - Oblivion
15. 3 of 5 - 3 2 1 Bowser
16. Wino Willy - Heart of the City

Lamar Harris from St. Louis, MO. So much talent on display at the #rftmusicahowcase

Y’all know me, still the same OG

Y’all know me, still the same OG

see post below for deets

Roosterfront Times Music Awards Presented by Burning the Cassette

These Awards were put together using a supersecret formula of direct experience and musical creativity divided by other people’s trusted tastes, plus a fraction of actual talent insofar as applicable to industry-generated genres, all attempting to draw from the same guidelines of the RFT Music Awards Enjoy!

Rooster’s 2014 Music Awards Winners:

Americana: The Union Electric

Blues: the St. Louis Blues Hockey Team (a bunch of white dudes)

Country: Jack Grelle and the Johnson Family

Cover Bands: Don’t Count

DJ: Hal Greens plays the shit i wanna hear

Hip-Hop Producer: Abnormal

Electronic Dance: Octopus Jones

Electronic Eclectic: Parisian

Emo/Post-Hardcore: not the same thing

Emo: Foxing

Post-Hardcore: Laika

Experimental: Pokey LaFarge

Folk: Dubb Nubb

Garage Rock: Boreal Hills

Hard Cock Rock: Dad Jr.

Hardcore Sausage Fest: Life Like

Hip-Hop Group: Barely Free (total bias in full-effect)

Hip-Hop Solo: Mastermind Einstein tied with Murphy Lee

Indie Pop: The Vanilla Beans

Indie Rock: Humdrum

Jazz: Loose Screwz Samples

Metal: I honestly wouldn’t know

New Band: Wild Hex

Noise: Ou Ou are the only ones i can usually take for more than 5 min

Pop: Nelly

Psych: Rip Rap

Punk: Hobosexuals


Rock: Little Big Bangs

Singer/Songwriter: Foxing

Soul/Funk: Funky Butt Brass Band

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  1. Grizzly Bear/ Dead Prez - Two Weeks of Hip-Hop
  2. CloudDead - Dead Dogs Two (Boards of Canada Remix)
  3. Why? - (Gemini)Birthday Song
  4. Blues Brothers Band - Big Bird
  5. Michael Castro - St. Louis Blues Revisited
  6. Sean Arnold - Cinderblock Blues
  7. Bad Folk - Bury Me at the Crossroads
  8. The Taxpayers - Militaristic Kitchen
  9. Rooster - Tip If You Hip
  10. Gary, DJ Deep Breathely and Seymour Justice - The Source
  11. SNS - Weirdo
  12. Stonechat - Time Machine
  13. Ou Ou - KSLU SESSION